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Bhajan Bandgi Da Partap,

A Book launched by Sodhi Harbhajan Singh ji & continued by the family is the book which revolves around the spiritual life explored by him & all the Katha he guided hundreds to improve their life.
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A forum to discuss all the Katha's to improve your life.

Links to all "Bhajan Bandgi Da Partap" e-books launched till now.

Sodhi Harbhajan Singh ji
A highly enlightened soul, Sodhi Harbhajan Singh ji, was a 12th descendent of Sri Guru Ram Das ji, our 4th Holy Guru. Born on 4th June'1913 at Jalupur khera near the holy city of Sri Amritsar, his mother, Mata Kesar Kaur, taught him Naam Simran at the tender age of 7-8 years by telling him Sakhis of our ten gurus and other Bhakatas. When he was in class 5, he came in contact with Sant Baba Atar Singh ji of Mastuana Sahib. Then he met other saintly souls like Sant Baba Mansa Singh ji, Sant Baba Gubhakhash Singh ji jabowal wale and finally Bhai Vir Singh ji in 1938 who blessed him spiritually. This way he started his journey to the spiritual world and guided hundreds of souls thru Katha in whole of India and abroad.
During his adolescence, he also had opportunities to interact with dignitaries like Subhash Chandar Bose and Sri Rabinder Nath Tagore during his college life. He did his Civil Engineering from Rorkee Engineering College and served 'Military Engineering Services'. He visited different places throughout his service and linked people with Almighty. He was down to earth and honest in his 32 yrs. of service all over India during which he used to do Har Ki Katha of Guru Granth Sahib at various Gurdwaras & hold Naam Simran Satsang at his residence every Wednesday.

He was very practical Naam Abhasi & practiced Aap Japay Avara Naam Japavay Gurmat theory. His spiritual quest took him to many parts of the world like Middle East, Canada and US. Right from early childhood many miracles happened with Akalpurkh's grace throughout his life of over 80 yrs. & on Sadh Sangat's request, he wrote all those experiences in his book 'Bhajan Bandgi Da Partap' now available at several places (refer to Contact us on the site).


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